Pharmacy Rx One

Pharmacy Rx One

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  1. this is my new email please keep me informed when you will be sending my order to me at 56 Tapping Way,Quinns Rocks,Perth;Western Australia 6030 this is my mobile phone number 0412305298 thank you from ernest jesnoewski

  2. Raymond Smart says:

    I just want to know if i could pay for my order (by post)with Postal Order.

  3. peter badcock says:

    Which INDIAN Pharmacy manufactures your Viagra as its not on the satchell I previously received.?

  4. Don Grey says:

    I have an order problem with my last order

  5. E B says:

    I didn’t get E-mail to get 15% off for my next order.I recieved my order ,working good so far. Thanks

  6. mike Burke says:

    Not recognizing debit card number:

    I want to purchase 60 each Viagra 100mg tablets and have tried unsuccessfully on several attempts to process my Visa debit car but I keep getting an invalid credit card number notice. What should I do to complete this transaction? Thank you, Mike

  7. Norman O'Connor says:

    Hi I want to complain about the charges on my credit card for order 133958129 on nthe 6th of Feb when i placed my order three times i put in the corect card number and i was told it was the incorect number so i decided not to proceed with my order and then you accepted the vsame numbers i was using but now your trying to charge my for card decline when you had the corect numbers all the time the caerd has been canceled and if you go ahead with these charges i will not make anny further purchasess friom you and i will inform my friends of yourconduct hope you can fix this problem Norm O’Connor

  8. catherine perry says:

    if your sum=sum your shopping yes

  9. Lawrence whitaker says:

    I just placed an order for Viagra pills did they go through

  10. admin says:

    you cant order with paypal

  11. mike Burke says:


  12. mike Burke says:

    Where is my answer to the above question can you or can’t you order by PayPal?

  13. admin says:


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